Friday, July 27, 2012

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) Need Not To Issue Web Notice On Samsung Case

A UK court ruling has stated that Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) will not need to publish a statement informing customers that Samsung Electronics Co. has not copied its tablet designs till the outcome of an appeal in the intellectual property dispute is heard in October. Prior to this, Apple was instructed on the 18th of July, to include a clear message on its UK website and ceasing all advertisements in British newspapers that describe a London court verdict that containing the text “Samsung’s Galaxy devices didn’t imitate the iPad.”

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Company lawyer Anthony Grabiner declared that such a statement would have caused irreparable damage to Apple. He is firmly arguing that the order should be delayed till an appeal is made. He has also quoted, “If you were on the other side you would be jumping around with joy.” Robert Howe, who is representing Samsung has pooh-poohed the statement by Anthony Grabiner saying that it is nothing but utter nonsense and the order should stand as it is without any appeal being made.

Judge David Kitchin also declared in a ruling that deciding a verdict before they have had a chance to argue their case would not be fair to a reputed organization like Apple.

The smartphone and tablet computer market is as competitive and cut-throat as ever and Apple is fiercely trying to beat its rivals like HTC Corp. and Google, while it fights patent lawsuits against them. These world-famous organizations have pointed fingers at each other about stealing and copying designs and technology in their products. Till date, lawsuits about the similarity of Samsung and Apple tablets have been fought in Germany, US, and Netherlands.

In a July 9 ruling, Judge Colin Birss stated that iPad’s tablets were much better than the ones by Samsung and were also much “cooler.” Samsung’s designs are different and can be distinguished from Apple’s registered ones.

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