Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Marketing Features added to Facebook Inc Pages

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) pages can be highly effective when it comes to marketing your website and directing traffic. There is also an Insights section where it gives detailed analytics about traffic. Even so, it was rated as being very low when it came to marketing techniques used for customer satisfaction. That is why the Facebook team has come up with advanced features to enhance the efficiency of an FB page such as scheduling posts, unpublished page posts, and updated page admin permissions for third-party apps.

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Scheduling posts

Previously, all posts on Facebook had to be done manually or if they needed to be pre-scheduled, by using a third party application like Socialoomph or Hootsuite. With the introduction of the new in-built scheduling option on the page, marketers can breathe easy. Page admins are now able to schedule their posts within a time frame of 10 minutes to 6 months! There is an option of re-scheduling as well if the is more than 3 minutes from its scheduling time. Thus you can make your page consistent by posting updates at regular intervals, thereby ensuring that the target audience sees them.

Unpublished Posts

Constant updates on a page might not be seen by the target audience. To combat this issue, Facebook has introduced sponsored updates for targeted marketing. These posts will not show up on the timeline and are not published. Page admins can choose to send them to followers after you have studied their demographics. Segmented marketing campaigns can be developed using this feature.

Admin Permissions

Third party apps has become a nuisance as there were fixed privileges for admins – they had to give full access to the app to manage their page. But now, the access can be restricted because as admin, you can limit the permissions. For instance, you can prevent a post scheduling app from accessing your insights as it is unnecessary. In this process, your page gets more security.

Marketers are already trying out the new features on the FB page, but the success factor will only be revealed with time.

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