Monday, July 30, 2012

Updates on AVERSION Products, as Specified by Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(NASDAQ:ACUR)

Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(NASDAQ:ACUR) is a specialty company that manufactures products intending to address medication abuse and misuse. ACUR has announced on 27th July that Pfizer Inc. has notified the previous day of using its right to cease the license to three development stage products that uses Acura’s AVERSION technology and return those products to Acura. The termination is supposed to be active within 12 months under Pfizer’s License Agreement.

Another product that is using Acura’s AVERSION technology, named OXECTA tablets CII is being commercialized by Pfizer. Pfizer has decided to retain its rights over OXECTA as per its License Agreement.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Acura Pharmaceuticals, Bob Jones has announced the company’s decision to regain control over tamper-resistant opioid products as it has trust in fighting extensive prescription opioid mistreatment. Jones also said that the company is examining strategy of transiting the products back to them. Acura is also thinking of partnering with substitute strategic partners and working together with Pfizer to make this venture a success.

Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc. is planning on reporting financial results for the second quarter of the year followed by the close of financial markets today. The company is schedules to host a conference call on Tuesday at 8:30 AM ET in which, it wishes to discuss Pfizer’s return on products apart from quarterly results.

Anyone, who is interested in participating in live conference call, can dial 913-981-5535 (International) or 800-967-0627 (US and Canada). It would take 5-10 minutes to transfer the call. The passcode for a participant is 8419237. There will also be a live audio webcast available through ‘Investors’ section of the website of ACUR.

The conference call as well as the webcast will be archived for two weeks. The replay of a telephone conversation will be available 2 hours after the completion of a call. Anyone can access the recorded telephonic conversations by dialing 719-457-0820 (International) or 888-203-1112 (US and Canada) on provision of the passcode 8419237. 

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