Sunday, August 5, 2012

Apple Inc. (AAPL) has spent a Cool Billion for iPhone and iPad Advertising

Phil Schiller, who is the chief of marketing in Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL), manage to overwhelm a jam-packed courtroom on Friday, when he declared that Apple has spent about a billion in advertisements for their products like iPhone and iPad! He further added that soon they will step up advertising for all products, so that the transparency of the items gets augmented, resulting in more appeal to consumers.

Apple is playing its cards carefully and using the best methods to maintain their market presence, so that each and every product speaks volumes about their features and advancements. The objective is to “make the product the biggest and clearest thing in advertising”, as Phil Schiller says.

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Schiller has given the company 15 years of his life, and as a long time veteran, he addressed the jury and revealed that about $647 million were spent on advertising for the iPhone, launched in 2007 and $457 million for iPad, which completes a two year journey.

Schiller, who was dressed in a dark suit and yellow tie, a far cry from his usual preference of blue jeans, exuded the personality and charm of a formidable opponent. He is also of the select few, who are directly involved with CEO Tim Cook. He quoted that he was “shocked” when he saw the Galaxy S phone and how he found it to be heavily plagiarized from Apple products. Schiller’s disgust for Samsung, which had allegedly copied several Apple products, was palpable, when he scathingly quoted that “I thought they’ve done it again, they’re just going to copy our whole product line”.

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For Apple fans, investors, and competitors, it is an inside look as they get to know more about the heavily guarded internal processes at an organization like Apple, whose products have revolutionized the industry and also won the admiration of many for its marketing savvy and streamline supply chain operation. The “Apple New Product Process” blueprint was also revealed in court, which is the standard procedure that the organization follows while launching new products.

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