Friday, August 31, 2012

Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s Case against Samsung Dismissed by A Tokyo Court

A Japanese court has dismissed the claim made by Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) on patent infringement against Samsung. It is a significant bounceback for the South Korean tech firm as the competitors keep fighting over intellectual property.

A District Court in Tokyo has come to the verdict that Samsung has not infringed patents with its technology for managing video and music between smartphones or tablets and computers. The verdict is a latest event that is related to a number of lawsuits and counter lawsuits happening in as many as nine countries and four continents. This comes just after a week after Samsung was defeated in an epic legal conflict with Apple at a US court. This defeat can result in injucntion against some Samsung devices.

Shares of Samsung increased after the Friday verdict, helping the firm recover from the steep losses it has incurred earlier this week.

The Tokyo court addressed a suit filed by Apple a year back saying that two Samsung smartphones, namely Galaxy S and Galaxy 2 have violated a patented technology.

Samsung has stated that it welcomes the decision of the Tokyo court that has established the company’s long-held position and the fact that it had not infringed Apple’s patents.

When taken together, Apple and Samsung amounts for about half of the lucrative international smartphone market. Samsung accounts for 32.6% of the market while Apple accounts for 16.9%.

Bloomberg said that Samsung does not release sales figures for Japan. However, the company is fighting with domestic companies like Sony, Fujitsu and Sharp.

The legal battles will decide if Samsung can modify its ‘copying’ mindset that has made it a potential rival of Apple. The South Korean company has a reputation of a nimble manufacturer that looks for a strong technology and imitates it. It, at times, enhances it too, while pulling down the costs. 

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