Monday, August 6, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is One Step Ahead In Battle with Samsung

It is good news for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). Well, at least momentarily. On Friday afternoon, the tech giant won a round of its legal battle against Samsung. This happened on the third official day of the case proceedings. Apparently, the judge has ruled out a portion of the evidences that were presented by Samsung. However, Samsung brought the piece of evidence in front of the jury.

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Fox Business reported that the Judge, Lucy Koh had stopped Samsung from presenting some evidence in the trial. Samsung sent out the evidence to the media with an apparent motive of reaching out to the jury members through news reports.

In the proceedings that took place on Friday, Judge Koh has reportedly reprimanded the lawyers of Samsung and accused them of attempting to taint the jury members. On being chided, Samsung renewed its objection to the previous ruling by stating that the data in the press release was already accessible by public.

Judge Koh has advised the members of the jury to wait till the right time for receiving all the available evidences comes. However, there is no record of whether the judge is addressing any particular piece of information by saying so. She reportedly questioned each member of the jury to find if anyone of them has received any information about the case from media reports. There is nothing to testify the fact that the juror did not receive any information from outside the court or if the information has manipulated the perspective of the juror in any way.

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One thing has become clear. If Samsung continues with these notorious activities, the judge would not think twice before drawing a line on the sand.

This case holds particular importance in the world of technology. It is also significant for investors like Robert Raiff, who had more than ¼ th of his portfolio endowed in Apple Inc. stock.

Shares of the company are now up 1.10% to $622.44, broken above its technical resistance of $618. The stock is now just about 3.50% away from its life time high of $644.

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