Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Now Awaits a Sales Ban Samsung’s Products in the U.S.

Samsung Electronics has less than a month to go before the federal court in San Jose, California will deliberate on whether a sales ban should be imposed on its products in the United States.

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) on Friday got a favourable ruling from the court, which held that Samsung had violated six of seven Apple's patents under dispute and ordered it to pay the Cupertino Company more than a billion dollars in damages.

Judge Lucy Koh who presided over the three-week trial between the two companies has scheduled a hearing for September 20, where she is expected to deliver a verdict on the future of Samsung in the U.S. She has also asked Apple to file a chart by Aug 27, identifying the produces on which it wants a ban.

Apple had sought a sales ban on Galaxy devices in the country, including its smartphones and tablets. This will also include Samsung's recently released Galaxy Tab 10.1 computer.

The jury's verdict was a big blow for the Korean consumer electronics giant, which is the leader in global sales of smartphones powered by its Galaxy series, running on Android operating systems.

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The United States is the largest market for smartphones and any ban in that country could seriously affect its sales prospects.

Samsung has however said that it would appeal to Koh to overturn the verdict and failing that to go in appeal against the verdict.

The nine-member jury which delivered the verdict rejected Samsung's claims that Apple has violated its wireless technologies patents. It also found that Samsung had copied the look and feel of Apple's iPhones and iPads while designing its smartphone and tablets.

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