Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Sued by Former Employee for Unjust Firing

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) gets embroiled in yet another lawsuit, this time by former employee Wayne Goodrich, who has complained that in spite of him being extremely close to company co-founder Steve Jobs, he was fired for no apparent reason. Apple gave vague excuses such as “business reasons” for firing Goodrich.

The complaint filed in California state court in San Jose, states that Steve Jobs had promised Goodrich in 2005, who had worked directly under him for 7 years, that his position in Apple would be always secure. This private meeting was held after Jobs came back from medical leave to receive treatment for pancreatic cancer. Jobs was in the habit of always promising job security to those employees who had worked under him for quite a few years.

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Goodrich has put in a “contract breach” clause along with unjust business practices and is also seeking damages for lost restricted stock units that shot up from $97.40 a share in 2008 to $635 in 2012, wages, benefits, and emotional trauma. According to Phil Horowitz, Goodrich’s lawyer, his client’s dismissal was a ploy on Apple’s part so that they don’t have to pay the restricted stock.

Goodrich was a stellar employee of Apple, with bonuses and raises always coming his way. His designation was an executive producer of Apple’s public presentations. He worked closely with Jobs and gave innovative and creative inputs for product launches. 

Apple’s association with Siri virtual personal assistant technology happened due to Goodrich’s efforts as he was the person who met with the company managers where Siri was developed. He was instrumental in the successful launch of iPhone and iPad as well. Apple’s strategy of introducing new products with key note speeches is famous and has been imitated by many and Goodrich had worked relentlessly to pull of these events without a glitch.

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