Sunday, August 5, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Petition for Immediate Victory Rules Out by Koh

On Friday, federal judge Lucy Koh denied Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) filing for an immediate victory in a multi-billion dollar copyright trial. Apple had initially sought the long-shot lawsuit for punishing Samsung for its decision of issuing a notorious press release on the very day of the testimony.

Lucy Koh has let Apple down by refusing to poll the nine members of the jury to ascertain if they are influenced by the reports of the news release. The jurors have states that they have followed judge’s admonition to abstain from learning about the case from media.

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The press release was authorized by Samsung attorney, John Quinn. The release had complained about the judge’s decision of excluding evidences that were favorable for Samsung.

Apple had filed for a lawsuit against Samsung last year accusing the latter of copying Apple’s iPhones and iPads. Samsung had countersued by saying that all companies mimic each other’s successes without crossing the legal border.

Quinn has been trying his best to convince the jury to see the disputed evidence that claims to prove that Apple’s iPhone is being influenced by Sony designs.

The scene at the courtroom was rather heated with Quinn and Koh exchanging testy statements over presenting proofs. Koh was reportedly exasperated with Quinn’s adamant attitude over the point. As per Quinn, the excluded evidence would have established the fact that Samsung has not copied features of iPhone. The release also contained addresses of websites that can help in accessing the evidence. Ever since the release, the addresses have been disabled.

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According to Apple, the evidence was planned to taint the jury members. Quinn contested that claim by stating that Samsung had the right to release documents that are available to public.

Koh has stated that the power of investigating deeper into the issue to find out new evidenced lies with her.

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