Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) says iPhones created a ‘crisis of design’ for Samsung

Samsung boasts of its unique design. This was confirmed by Samsung Chief Strategy Officer, Justin Denison on the fourth day of the patent lawsuit between Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung at the US District Court in San Jose.

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William Lee, Apple’s lawyer has pounced back at Denison after the latter described hyperbolic management style of Samsung referring to an email that had mention of a design crisis at the company.

According to the statement of managers of Samsung’s conglomerate, the difference between Samsung products and iPhone can be compared to difference between ‘heaven and earth’. Objections placed by lawyers of Samsung were repeatedly ruled off by Judge Lucy Koh, who had noted that Samsung has opened the door to such queries ever since Denison has discussed the content of the email in his testimony.

Lee had taken the opportunity of making Denison describe the email in front of the members of the jurors. As per the content of the email goes, Samsung has been focussing on features of Nokia. While it has been putting efforts in designing elements like Bar, Folders, Slide, an unexpected competitor has raised comparison. Upon hearing the content of the email, Lee had questioned Denison whether he could show the document that shows there was a crisis of design in contrast to Nokia.

This trial in downtown San Jose reflects a fierce battle of two tech giants, which account for more than half of smartphone sales in the global market.

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Lawyers had showed on Friday that Apple’s Vice President, Eddy Cue had urged Tim Cook to design a mini-iPad as he had faith that there was a market for a 7” tablet. As per the email sent by Cue, late Steve Jobs was receptive to the idea. This has fanned a fresh speculation that Apple has plans to introduce mini-iPad to overtake cheaper devices from Amazon and Google.

Shares of AAPL are trading flat on Tuesday, after having solid week with a gain of 6.50%.

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