Monday, August 27, 2012

Apple Inc’s Win Provides Boost To RIMM, NOK, MSFT, CRUS, NUAN

Here's how shares of various companies are faring in the market in reaction to the jury verdict by a San Jose federal court on Friday which awarded Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) more than $1 billion in damages and upheld its claims of patents infringements against rival Samsung Electronics.

* Samsung shares fell 7.5 percent in Seoul, after the jury dismissed its claims against Apple of violating its wireless technologies' patents and held that it had copied the designs of Apple devices.

* Shares of Apple rose above 2 percent

* Shares of Google were trading down 1.23 percent. Strictly, Google was not a party to the dispute, but it is the main partner for Samsung, whose smartphones run on its Android operating software. Speculation has risen that this verdict could dilute Android's brand equity.

* Shares in HTC Corp, Samsung's rival and which also partners with Google saw its shares falling 1.9 percent in Taiwan.

* There's no reason for Blackberry-maker Research in Motion's shares to rise, since nobody feels that the company could gain in any way from the verdict since it is not even in contention. But shares of the company were trading up 3.2 percent, having risen more than 6 percent earlier.

* Nokia ADRs were up more than 8 percent in New York, as it is seen as a direct beneficiary of the verdict, further likely to gain if Apple gets the court to put a ban on Samsung sales in the United States.

* Microsoft shares were up marginally at 0.7 percent. The only other alternative to Android is Windows software.

* Shares in chip maker Cirrus Logic were up 0.1 percent, earlier having risen more than 3 percent. It derives a large portion of its revenues from Apple, especially the iPhone and anything that results in higher sales of iPhone is a booster or the stock.

* Amazon's Kindle Fire is powered by Google's Android. Its shares were down 0.3 percent.

* Shares in Universal Display were down 7.8 percent. Samsung is the largest customer of the company, which provides its OLED displays.

* Nuance Communications provides the underlying technology for Apple’s Siri speech recognition feature. It shares rose 1.5 percent in early trades. 

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