Monday, August 6, 2012

Apple Secures Top Position in Tablet Market (NASDAQ:AAPL)

IDC has reported that the market share of units shipped by Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) have shot up to almost 70%. This factor has been attributed to the fact that Apple has strengthened its position as being numero uno in the tablet market due to an immensely satisfying 2nd quarter.

Almost 17 million iPads, have been shipped by the technology giant, which increased its share prices by 68.2% as compared to 61.5% in the 2nd quarter in last year, when it shipped 9.24 million units, almost half of this years’ 2nd quarter. Year-on-year, the 2nd quarter iPad shipments have grown 84.3%. Collating worldwide data, it has been reported by IDC that tablet shipments in the 2nd quarter, more or less amounted to 25 million units. In 2011 (last year), 15 million units were sold, which brings the rise in percentage to 66.2%

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Most consumers have preferred iPad to other tablet devices, and unconventional markets like education is also showing a lot of interest in them. Well-established markets are not being able to sustain the popularity of the iPad, which is why shipments have decreased slightly in this area. But other regions have revealed lucrative results in the form of good sales figures that are steadily increasing.

Apple’s arch rival Samsung, landed the 2nd spot with a market share of about 10%. Tablet shipments increased 117.6% year-on-year, and the number of units shipped amounted to 2.4 million. Amazon, which is the third largest tablet vendor, reaped enormous benefits from the success of Kindle Fire. 2012 was a sluggish year for Amazon, but now they have shipped about 1.25 million units, which occupied a 5% share.

Asus and Acer ranked fourth and fifth, respectively in the race. Asus showed a reasonable performance in the quarter and it increased shipments by 115.5% to 885,000 tablets. But Acer experienced a year-on-year decreased sale. During the 2nd quarter, 385,000 units were shipped, as compared to the 629,000 units shipped a year back. The drop percent comes to about 40.

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Securing the top position is a prized possession for any tablet vendor and with Amazon, Apple and a variety of vendors launching new products designed using Microsoft's new Windows 8 and Windows RT OSes, the competition will increase even more.

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