Tuesday, August 7, 2012

eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) Experiments Same-Day Delivery with Bigwig Retailers

eBay Inc(NASDAQ:EBAY) is reportedly testing a same-day delivery service with big retailers that include Toys ‘R’ Us Inc, Target Corp and Best Buy Co. the world’s largest online marketplace is planning on competing with its archrival Amazon.com Inc.

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EBay has recently launched a new mobile application, eBay Now. The app is being experimented in San Francisco currently and users can expect to receive the app within an hour, as stated by Lina Shustarovich, a spokeswoman.

This move from the part of eBay indicates that the online market is working closely with traditional retailers to help them tackle the intimidation of Amazon.com, which is the largest online retailer in the world and gaining victory from physical stores rapidly.

The app, eBay Now comes when Amazon is launching more warehouses in order to deliver goods and services quickly and cheaply to its online customers. Some of the latest warehouses are located in major metropolises like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. This has started a new buzz that Amazon is planning on expansion to facilitate same-day delivery. However, Tom Szkutak, Chief Financial Officer said that the company is not planning on a braod roll-out right away.

When Amazon is increasing its number of warehouses, eBAy is busy partnering with brick and mortar retails for testing its app, eBay Now.

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A number of retailers have used Milo, a local shopping start-up to upload the inventories of their stores onto eBay’s online marketplace. All such retailers are involved in the experimentation of eBay Now.
Apart from Best Buy, Toys ‘R’ Us and Target, other retailers are Nordstrom Inc., Crate & Barrel, Fry’s Electronics and Macy’s Inc. shoppers, who are involved in the experiment can download the app onto their iPhones and iPads and then look up for their desired products in the stores located in San Francisco.
Shares of EBAY rose 2.35% to $45.82.

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