Tuesday, August 28, 2012

International Business Machines Corp.(NYSE:IBM)’s Watson May Soon be Ready for Mobiles

International Business Machines Corp.(NYSE:IBM) is figuring out how to use its voice-assisted computer, Watson, in smartphones and mobile devices

Functioning almost like Apple's Siri voice assistant but more powerful than that, Watson has been four years in the making, painstakingly researched by IBM.

The super smart computer can answer questions like, "What’s the best crop to plant in these drought conditions?" It would immediately answer based on location, weather patterns, climatic conditions, historical trends and scientific studies.

IBM has plans to use Watson to tap new markets and boost revenues from business analytics to $16 billion by 2015, Bloomberg reported.

For so long Watson's tech has been too big to cram into a mobile device. However, that's about to change. After beating champions of the quiz show `Jeopardy' the computer is now crunching financial information for big banks like Citigroup and cancer data for WellPoint Inc.

It finally looks like Watson 2.0 for mobiles would also soon be ready.

"The power it takes to make Watson work is dropping down like a stone," Meyerson told Bloomberg in an interview. "One day, you will have ready access to an incredible engine with a world knowledge base.

The challenge for IBM is overcoming the technical obstacles to making Watson a handheld product, and figuring out how to price and deliver it. It also takes a while for Watson to do the "machine learning" necessary to become a reliable assistant in an area.

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