Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Should Use the Verdict Against Samsung to Grab its Chance

Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) was on the verge of being written off as going the way of other pioneers in their field and becoming irrelevant in the fasting changing environment but the company has bounced back.

The Finnish handset maker is fighting back to regain its supremacy in the mobile phones sector and how! It junked its Symbian operating software and allied itself with the world's largest software firm Microsoft and its Windows operating system.

It experimented with its smartphone designs and produced the Lumina series which have ensured that the company is not losing any more market share.

Now Providence has handed it a big opportunity. Last Friday's verdict by a San Jose federal court which ruled that Samsung had infringed on several of Apple's patents gives Nokia the chance it has been waiting for.

With Samsung out of the reckoning for a while - at least until it takes a re-look at its designs or again fights it out with Apple in an appeal against the verdict- Nokia gets ample breathing time to push its smartphones in the market.

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Along with Samsung, Google's Android operating system, has also received a set back as all other equipment makers which run on Android will be re-assessing their partnership in light of the verdict.

Nokia is the only company, apart from Apple, which is not dependent on Android.

The company has also collected considerable wealth in terms of the number of patents it has acquired in the last two decades. The over 30,000 patents acquired by it have been valued between $5 and $13 billion.

Since these patents are not infringing on any other's patents, the company is sitting on a goldmine that will rise in value further if Samsung's devices are banned in the United States.

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