Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Stock Rises on the Buzz Surrounding the Company

Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) shares have more than doubled since mid-July in a quiet and sustained rally that has been overlooked in the frenzy around the Apple stock.

Long seen as an underperformer, the rally in Nokia’s shares is a sure sign that activity in the company has picked up.

News about Nokia occupies as much space as Apple and Samsung now and for all the right reasons. Nokia has a lot going for it now.

The Finnish handset maker is building around the positive feedback that it received from its Lumia series and from its Nokia Pureview. Though the phones did not set the market on fire, it helped the company hold on to its market share and even led Apple's voice-based assistant, Siri reply that Nokia Lumia was the best smartphone in the market.

On September 5, the company will be launching a couple of smartphones on its Lumia platform, and running on Windows 8 operating software.

Network carrier AT&T will continue with its partnership with Nokia for selling its phones as a bundled offering with its network. Joining the party is America's largest carrier Verizon, which wants to reduce its dependence on Apple's iPhones and Google's Android devices.

Verizon wants to improve its margins by offering its subscribers different phones, and Nokia's phones will provide Verizon with much better margins than Apple's iPhone.

Nokia has a partnership with Sony Corp and Qualcomm for offering indoor GPS services that helps people find location they are searching for in crowded places such as malls, hospitals and other places.

Nokia is still the world's largest mobile handset maker with a global market share of 28 percent, slightly ahead of closest rival Samsung. Its feature phones, though a low margin business, still sell more in terms of volumes especially in Asia.

It just has to get its act together now.

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