Thursday, August 30, 2012

Novartis AG (NYSE:NVS)’s Jakavi gets EU consent

The threat of cancer has become a multifarious problem worldwide for its fatal effect and recurring problem.  Credit goes to relentless effort bestowed by Pharmaceutical giants who are keen on extensive research on quality Carcinogenic medicine. Novartis AG (ADR)(NYSE:NVS) ’s new drug Jakavi, which is known as a great JAK1/JAK2 inhibitor has received sanction from European Commission for the medical treatment for myelofibrosis, which is already detected as a fatal blood cancer.

The approval is all about encouraging information from the COMFORT program which is known as extensively as Controlled MyeloFibrosis Study with oral JAK Inhibitor Therapy. This cpmfort program is segregated in two phases covered by two extensive studies known as COMFORT I and COMFORT II. MyeloFibrosis Study with oral JAK Inhibitor Therapy has been recognized as an efficient process for reducing spleen sizeas well as reduces the intensity of MyeloFibrosis.

Essential medical research and study has revealed that treatment with Jakavi has been able to reduce spleen size in 35-40% and this test result has been minutely monitored in COMFORT level-1. The study duration is 24 weeks and it has proved the efficiency of the said medicine.

Comfort II is the second phase for this study which has run for 48 weeks: the medicine Jakavi resulted with this long duration is being widely accepted.

The approval from Europe in nothing new because the drug Jakavi had already received applause from the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use for investing the pricey drug for its effectivity and quick turnaround for efficient and side effectless recovery from over shaped spleen and fallen off for eyebrows.

Being licensed from Incyte Corporation (INCY) Janaki has started campaigning for grabbing the market on recognization from US Food and Drug Administration (:FDA) for Jakavi in November 2011. Phase 3 policies narrats the effect of administration of Jakvi engrossing the patients with recurring problems. This Jakvi is being hot favorite for treatment of polycythemia vera.

Jakvi’s approval has opened a new venue for myelofibrosis as a major positive step for the treatment of myelofibrosis as a major positive improvement in medical intervention strategy. With the recommendation, the medicine will enjoy always better scale of popularty.

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