Thursday, August 16, 2012

What’s Going On With Vision Plasma Systems Inc (PINK:VLNX)?

VISION PLASMA SYSTEMS INC(PINK:VLNX) is popping up suddenly on hefty volume which is it’s record volume in any session in the past. The stock skyrocketed 245% to $0.345.

So far more than 279 million shares have traded hands in the morning session with half trading is still to go. Moreover, the stock made a new 52-week high of $0.37.

There is now news which could justify today’s sudden rally, but seems like some large penny stock traders are pumping up the stock in heavy quantity to gain attention.

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Penny stocks are subject to high risks, where the intraday day move could be much higher than the normal. So it would investors should trade such type of stocks in a wise manner.

At last, VLNX is today’s top percentage gainer as well as top traded stock among all the penny stocks.
The last press release issued by the company was back in late June when it held a meeting with Brazilian business advisors during its trip to discuss the Production of Arc Master I Units in Brazil.

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