Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) demands more money from Samsung over patent lawsuit

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)asked a judge to award an extra $535 million in its U.S. patent case with Samsung Electronics Co. in addition to its requested permanent injunction against sales of Samsung’s infringing products.

Apple is requesting an enhancement of $135 million under the Patent Act and $400 million under the Lanham Act, for a combined total of $535 million, compared with $268 million from the verdict under both statutes, court papers show. The court may increase the damages up to three times the amount assessed, court papers show.

Apple has approached this situation with a substantial amount of preparedness and surety, demanding more money through a legal basis. The two companies have been fighting with each other, on the legal grounds and otherwise, over intellectual property, and over patent rights. Both these brands have been the top-most sellers of smartphones, and neither wants to let go of the most supreme position. However, with fast-changing technologies, both these companies are usually embroiled in lawsuits against one another.

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Apple is taking on Samsung not just because of the Jury’s decision, but also because of the sanction the Korean company got quite a few times, on litigation-related misconduct. This is the reason why Apple is making the best of the judgment given out by the court of Judge Koh. The company is also disagreeing on some points of the jury where they may have gone soft on Samsung. The company is not going to take any risks, and is therefore demanding a permanent injunction on the basis of Samsung’s conduct, as claimed by them.

If the permanent injunction does come about, then the Korean smartphone makers will have to avoid infringement of any other product in the future. This includes Galaxy S III. However, Apple’s additional demands may have been taken into account for the time being, but the court has not yet agreed to all the demands which the company has made. While Apple may be winning its patent lawsuits against Samsung in U.S.A, the companies have been involved in various lawsuits all over the world, and they still are. This time though, Apple is milking it for all its worth. 

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