Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): The faults in the new Maps App , what’s wrong, and what isn’t?

The new iOS 6 Maps were released as the default application for Maps in the new Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone5 which was released in shops on Friday. While the new phone has received a lot of attention, not all of it has been positive. Users have been complaining about the faulty Maps App and the rival companies are also taking advantage of the weaknesses of the application which is based on cloud-computing.

The 3D model rendering has been considered as faulty by many users. There is not enough accuracy, and roads are not depicted accurately enough, the bridges seem to be dipping like a concave structure, and buildings seem to be broken or the height estimation is wrong. Also, the 3D imaging has been restricted to certain places. There are faults with the Transit directions as well as the Street view. And there are very few helper applications which the company has now revised, thereby providing the users with more help and second or supplementary opinions.

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The servers seem to be faulty, what with labels of names which are not right. There are also inaccurate located features near a particular destination and the inability to give the correct name and address to a particular place is also a major flaw which Apple should look into.  Plus, there are several typos which the maps have with respect to names of places.

The grievance forms too, are hidden in the application. If there is something which a user wants corrected, then he/she will not immediately be able to write to Apple about the issue. The application also has very limited details on streets and places, for certain countries which supposedly supports the application. And the 2D map, too, has missing roads, and roads which seem to have morphed into other ones. The Flyover renderings also need to be addressed.

Be that as it may, however, the company has been trying to get it all fixed, and this is not the only maps application which is faulty. Google Maps too, had its faults, but the reason for the criticism of Apple is clear: the expectations are very high. 

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