Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): iOS 6 upgrades are proving to be troublesome for users

For people who have the iPhone4S, or for people with third generation iPads, upgrading to the new operating system is leading to issues of connectivity at many levels. The new operating system by Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL), the iOS 6 gained popularity with the advent of the new iPhone5. However, people who have the older models and who are trying to upgrade to the new operating system are facing problems with Wi-Fi connectivity as well as with Bluetooth devices.

After upgrading, users are complaining about the Wi-Fi connectivity. They are saying that the option to connect is not showing clearly enough on their phones. Also, people who are managing to connect to their Wi-Fi connections are being unable to get their local network through their devices.

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The issue also seems to be affecting the Bluetooth connections, because users have been complaining about how they are being unable to pair with, or connect to other devices through their Bluetooth, and the search for the other Bluetooth devices is not stopping to report results.

There is a 91-page thread on the Support Communities by Apple, where users are complaining about what to do with these issues. Some of them have managed to downgrade to the iOS 5.1 versions, while others are going to the Apple Store Genius Bars to show their problems, and have been able to successfully exchange their hardware for new ones. However, the issue many not be in the hardware itself.

It is still not confirmed if the upgrade has indeed caused these issues with connectivity. Although Apple has said that it may not be connected at all, Apple users are saying otherwise. Some of them have started saying that Apple is aware of the issue and that the company is aware of the fact that the upgrade and the problems with connectivity may be related to one another. Solutions include a Hard Reset and reinstallation of the iOS 6. Otherwise, a simpler option is to reset network settings. 

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