Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Maps Work Better in China Fortunately

The rest of the world is having problems with Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s new mapping application for its new operating software iOS6, but China is having better luck.

The maps used for the iPhones shipped to China were better and had more details compared to the maps used i the rest of the world.

The reason for that is the data for the maps has not been provided by the Dutch navigation system maker TomTom but by AutoNavi Holdings Ltd (ADR)(NASDAQ:AMAP) , a Chinese mapping company that is known for its expertise in making auto navigation systems along with virtual maps and satellite images.

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The company is widely popular in China with a 45 percent share of the market.

However the clarity in the maps covers only China. Customers can see features in their own country clearly but when the Chinese iPhone users attempt to see other countries the details are not as clear.

Apple has junked Google Maps in its new operating system and has attempted to provide its own maps, with disastrous results. Customers have complained about structures and monuments appearing distorted on the maps, while in many places streets, roads, railway stations and airports show wrong locations.

Apple has said that it was working with it engineers and software developers to fix the problems.

It looks a major part of the blame lies with the navigation system maker TomTom, which has however gone on record to say that it stood by its data.

The reason why TomTom has not been used to gather data about China is due to its sensitivities over government and military installations. Only about 11 companies in the country have license to provide mapping services. 

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  1. Apple Idiots.

    No blame to TomTom as their data are used by millions, including 15 car-brands like BMW and also handsets like HTC and BlackBerry without the issues that occured at Apple.

    Apple just lacks good engineers or has too little engineers to handle the data that they licenced from TomTom and others. They have been pennywise cheap asses.

    The difference with China is that data there have ONE source (Autonavi), instead of different sources that Apple's OWN engineers have to mold together to one map. So basically Apple was not able to mess up the Chinese data, like they did elsewhere.

    Best thing to do for Apple is acquire TomTom (3.500 employees) and a lot of content assets, and let them fix the problems.


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