Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Why you should get the iPhone5, and why you shouldn’t

The new iPhone5 may have entered the market with a bang, but its features need to be evaluated and judged before you get your hands on the sleek new model Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) has made. The phone has its merits, and it has received a phenomenal reaction from both Apple fans, as well as other smartphone enthusiasts. But the phone is not for everybody. One should look at the benefits of he phone before rushing into the stores in a fit of consumerist frenzy.

The new iPhone5 has been endowed with a taller screen. It’s a blessing for people who want to watch movies on their phones, since the new screen is taller than its predecessor by 9 millimeters. The new screen also manages to make way for apps to fit in more spaciously on the screen. However, since the third party apps are unused to the new screen, they have to be designed anew and until then, the bar for the extra space shall remain blank. And black.

The design for the new iPhone5 keeps in mind the fashion quotient and the aspect of vanity. The design is very sleek and Apple clearly wants to please its customers with more than just utility products. The thinner, lighter model, therefore, feels quite nifty, and manages to look good as well. The speed of the new model too, has bumped up since from the previous model. The new A6 chip is a much faster processor and the difference between the speed given by the iPhone4S, and the iPhone5, is noticeable. But the current model can also be made faster by the unloading of useless apps, icons and data.

The new iPhone5 has the same 8 megapixels as the older model, but the increased speed makes the pictures better in the new one. and apart from the better image quality, it also take low-light images and has reduced noise. The panorama feature is also a marked improvement. The Map app, however, has managed to draw a lot of negative criticism to itself. It may provide 3D images as well as directions given on a turn-by-turn basis, but it is said to be faulty, and has transit directions are very poor. 

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