Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Lags Against Samsung’s case In German Court

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) has lost a court ruling against Samsung in Germany in regards to claims made by the former that Samsung’s Galaxy devices violated patents of Apple’s touch screen technology.
It was concluded at the Mannheim Regional Court that Samsung did not infringed patents of Apple on touch screen technology. This was disclosed by a Seoul based spokesman, Jason Kim in an emailed statement. A court spokesman, Joachim Bock has confirmed the ruling.

Two smartphone giants, Apple and Samsung have traded victories in their dispute over patents that were fought across four continents since the California-based company, Cupertino had accused Samsung last year of copying features from its devices. The firms have been competing for monopoly in the international smartphone market that is valued at $219 billion last year by Bloomberg Industries. They have been fighting patent wars even though Apple is Samsung’s biggest customer.

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Samsung has said in a statement that it welcomes the ruling that affirms its position that its products do not violate intellectual property of Apple. The company will continue developing and introducing products that improve the lives of German customers.

Judges at the Mannheim court also rejected a bid made by Apple regarding the very patent triggered against Google’s Motorola Mobility Holdings wing.

Mannheim is one of the three prime courts in Germany, next to Munich and Dusseldorf. Lawyers here meet regularly for court disputes relating Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Motorola Mobility.

A federal court in San Jose, California had found Samsung guilty of copying iPad and iPhone on Aug 24 and had awarded Apple over $1 billion as damages. A week later, Apple lost a lawsuit in Japan as a Tokyo judge concluded that Samsung did not violate any patent of Apple that synchronizes music and video files with servers.

According to data presented by Bloomberg, Apple accounts for 9% of Samsung’s revenue. 

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