Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone May Help Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK)

The launch of the iPhone 5 by Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) might actually work to the advantage of Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK), as comparisons between the two phones have become more rampant over the past week.

When the European handset maker unveiled its Lumia 920 and 820 on September 5, there were howls of disappointment from analysts and critics and it was dismissed as just another stodgy phone from a company that has a long history behind it.

However the launch of Apple’s new iPhone about a week later has completely overturned sentiments. When there are two smartphones in the market launched within days of each other, it is inevitable that tech experts will be making comparisons.

To everyone's surprise, on a point to point comparison, Nokia Lumia 920 is actually found to be a superior product to the iPhone.

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One reason for this was that this time around Apple has played it safe and there are no innovative features that would have absorbed everyone's attention.

Apart from being taller, thinner and lighter, the phone is merely an upgraded version of its predecessor. Of course it is equipped with a faster processor and can support 4G networks. But then, there are already devices out there which have those capabilities and Apple is merely playing `catch up' in those areas.

Apple is of course seeing record sales for its latest phone but that is not to say that people will not buy the Nokia.

The only disadvantage for the Finnish handset maker is that the actual availability of the Lumias is uncertain hinging as it does on how fast Microsoft is with the release of its new Windows Phone 8 operating software.

Rumours of delay in rolling out the new software by the Redmond-based company are not doing Nokia any good. 


  1. I cannot wait to buy Nokia Lumia 920. Apple is taking it's loyal customers for-granted.

    Apple's iPhone 4s release was a joke and playing catch-up on iPhone 5 is a mere slap on it's customer base!

    Marketing alone can take the product only so far.. eventually customer will get caught-up with Apple's strategy to just make money. Beware Apple!

  2. If Apple had to launch a phone with all the specs and innovation the 920 has, iFans would have had an orgasm.. Right now iFans are desperately trying to convince everyone that a new charger is GREAT innovation!? Now with 5 rows of icons instead of 4!? LOL what a joke! The iFans seem to be eating up whatever faeces Apple throws at them..! At least i, like many other future Lumia 920 owners will know that whenever we see someone walking around with a iPhoney5, that there was something these backward tech junkies missed out on.. Lumia shits on iPhoney5 its a simple fact of life....

  3. You techies just don't get it. Most people don't buy phones, computers, or cars just on "specs". For most people the user experience is the most important factor in buying most products. A friend who has a iPhone 4S just bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII for his wife; she wanted the larger screen. Three days later the phone was returned to AT&T because the user experience was horrible compared to the iPhone. The 920 is a very capable phone spec wise, it will fall short regarding apps, ease of use, ecosystem.

    1. And how do you know that the 920 will "will fall short regarding apps, ease of use, ecosystem" without even trying it. At the moment we can only talk about specs because that is the only information available.

  4. Most of the apps in Marketplace is junk. You need to really try 100 apps to get the right 1 app. so not number of alone counts and user experience .. Damm I am not even informed when an application crashes good user experience Apple is having. Apple buried the copy innovation after Steve.

  5. The surprise with the iphone is its inability to handle both data and voice simultaneously... for example on the verizon network... Also, it's nano-SIM configurations makes it virtually impossible to swap out SIM cards when traveling out of the country. How come these aren't issues that are brought up by the "techno-o-philes"

  6. Why is no one talking about Apple's iPhone's inability to manage both voice and data simultaneously or its limitations with the new nano-SIM card configuration that makes its extremely limited in swapping out SIM cards when traveling outside the country.

  7. I agree, most users go for the user experience, though I think a lot of android users are hung up on specs, and a lot of people go for the Iphone because of the i in front of it. That is why I have a Windows phone, as I feel it is the easiest to use phone with the best integration of features. You only have to look at the extremely high ratings of the Lumia 900 on Amazon to see that actual users love the Windows Phone OS and Nokia phones. The Iphone is a great phone, even if the interface is getting a little dated, but if the Lumia 920 is as nice as it appears to be, people who are not locked into the Apple or Android ecosystem will have a very nice option with many specs and features more advanced than the Iphone and most Androids. The only negative on the Lumia is its size and weight, but I can live with that if it does turn out to be a superior phone, which I really believe it will be. As for apps, over 100k apps in a year and a half is not bad, and it will only get better as Windows Phone gains market share, which it should with the new OS release and all of the really nice Windows phones that will be out in a couple of months from Samsung, Nokia, HTC, and more.

    Future Lumia 920 owner

  8. I travel a lot overseas... The SIM card is big issue for me... does anybody know if there are any plans by any operators offfering nano SIM prepaid cards?

    Smartphone is useless without data connection. And data roaming is useless because of it's pricing.


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