Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s March Quarter will See a Huge Increase – FDX, BRCM, CRUS

The Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5 was launched last week and in spite of uncertainties and reservations in the beginning, the sell side has given it a thumbs-up. Analysts have said that the latest iPhone will not only help Apple to strike to even bigger, but also help other suppliers to make big bucks. FedEx Corporation(NYSE:FDX), Broadcom Corporation(NASDAQ:BRCM), Hon Hai, AAC, Ibiden, Cirrus Logic, Inc.(NASDAQ:CRUS), and LG Display are some of them.

Barclays has released a report stating that iPhone 5 will do wonders in the coming March quarter after initial shortages. The price target remains at $810 as before, but the sales figures will go up. According to them Apple is the leader of the “disruptive mobility” and is earning well from PC, mobility, printing, and even retail sectors. It is expected to hit 100 countries this year, which is by far the fastest iPhone rollout for Apple.

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The number of units to be shipped by the end of September amount to 23.43 million in case Apple faces product stock outs. But unit sales will go up to 45.21 million. According to production plans, 50 million units might be needed in the December quarter alone excluding the older models. This trend will continue into the New Year. Sales will go through a surge in China in mid-calendar 2013 because Apple might enter into a tie-up with China Mobile Ltd.

Apple will emerge as the clear winner among its competitors, even Samsung with products like the iPhone 5 and iPad at its epicenter, which are taking out revenue from every possible zone.

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