Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL): iPhone 5 Success? What About iOS 6 Maps App

Though the newest version of Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL))’s iPhone is running short of delivery, but the early reviews reveal that the critics have been smitten by this new device. Surpassing its earlier models in every true sense, in this new smartphone from Apple’s house, there is only one feature which ain’t receiving as much appreciation as expected: the native mapping application in iOS 6.  Barring this, the new smartphone is faster, thinner, and taller. Even though the camera isn't a huge upgrade, it's still an improvement.
Apple’s decision to no longer use the Google Mapping Solutions crumbled up of the partnership between the two Silicon Valley giants. The decision was largely a result of Google’s entering the market with its smartphones.
This aggravated the tensions between the two companies and paved way for a separation between the two. Apple chose C3 Technologies, a company that specialized in building 3D mapping software, as a substitute to the Google Maps and in Worldwide Developers Conference last summer, Apple showed off the smooth, immersive result. Though there is no denial that the 3D mapping software is an improvement over its predecessor, however, not all are thrilled with the overall experience. In addition to this, the maps are not as comprehensive as Google's offering.
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Tim Stevens in his review mentions, “The biggest drawback is the unfortunate lack of public transportation directions. If you haven't quite mastered New York City's subway system, you won't get any help from your iPhone 5”. Considering the fact that the maps have been used widely by the users of iPhone’s, Walt Mossberg, in his lengthy iPhone 5 review for AllThingsD, says, “Maps is the "biggest drawback" he experienced while test-driving the new iPhone, citing the lack of transit directions and the loss of Google's photographic imagery”. Even the typically Apple-friendly MG Siegler wrote that, while he was impressed by Maps overall, it's still not as good as Google's app.
However, the major concern would be when the paid customers too show their discontentment towards this Mapping Solution. As in such a scenario it wouldn't be surprising for Google to capitalize on their discontent.

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