Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Shoots Down Rumours of a Facebook phone

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) founder and Chief Executive has effectively put a stop to wild rumours doing the rounds that the social networking company was working on a phone.

Shooting down the idea of a Facebook phone once again, Zuckerberg said, it “doesn’t move the move the needle for us. We want to build a system that’s deeply integrated into every platform people use.”

The head of Facebook was making his first public appearance since the company's IPO in May and fielded questions at length at a TechCrunch conference in San Francisco.

He made it clear that the company was very serious about its mobile strategy as a future growth driver for it.

“Over the next three to five years, the biggest question that’s on everyone’s mind, and that’s really going to determine how we do, is really going to be how well we do with mobile,” he said.

“We think we’re going to make more money on mobile ads,” he said. “We’ve had right-hand-column ads and it’s been great, a multi-billion-dollar business. But on mobile, we can’t do that. It’s clearly going to have to be different.”

He added that more users were using Facebook on mobile and mobile users were likely to be daily active users.

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Facebook started mobile ads less than six months back and has drawn flak from marketers and advertisers for being slow off the mark in its efforts to monetise its mobile subscriber base.

He added that the company had made a grave error in focussing too much on HTML5 instead of native applications, which were faster.

“We burned two years,” he said. “It may turn out it was the biggest strategic mistake we made.”

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