Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB): Zuckerberg’s vision on disappointing IPO: a promise for grand come- back

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) stock performance as quite disappointing and recently, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Arrington, TechCrunch founder have expressed their deep concern about the IPO of the company. The stock value of the company has come down at $19.43 down from $38 as recorded on May 2012. Zuckerberg is not satisfied with the ups and downs of this stock market but has assured that the company will come back in its own comfort zone. He has added that the performance of Facebook will be apt to cover up the fall.

It has been anticipated that stock performance has created strong impact on the internal morale for the employees.  The sudden downfall with the stock has made them disappointed and Zuckerberg has apprehended that a few of them may decide to leave the association of Facebook however, he has assured for a sure come back in the near future. The inspiration and determined tone of the CEO is surely going to stimulate the mentality of these people and hence it has shown all green for the investors. Zuckerberg has also added that those will be staying with Facebook to face the crisis, will be positively benefited by next 2-3 years.
He has also added that the company is seriously considering the benefit of compensation I the employee benefit list: here the great quote of Zuckerberg is being focused on and on that Facebook doesn’t create service for making money but people make money here in order to provide best quality service. This is the reason mission and vision of Facebook goes hand in hand and Facebook is known not only for making business but also to promote social image. It helps in moneymaking but at the same time pampers social image too and that creates both short term and long term impact of a business on audience.

This is the reason Facebook is different and it will remain different for the years ahead and this difference is the main USP for return of the King.
Shares of the company jumped 6.50%.

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