Thursday, September 27, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Dropbox offer Integration for File Sharing

Social networking site Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) and file sharing site Dropbox on Wednesday announced the integration of their cloud storage service.

With this facility Facebook users can share files among their groups using Dropbox.

The `Add File' feature is under the Groups tab and appears as an option to choose a file from Dropbox. For the first time this requires connecting the users Facebook and Dropbox accounts, like they would do with any other application or account.

Then the document, file, images and videos can be shared and this will show up on the wall of those users with whom the files have been shared.

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These files can be edited and these will do as updates.

Like all other file sharing applications or services, only the particular file which is being share can be viewed and not all the contents of the Dropbox of the person who is sharing the file.

Those with whom the files have been shared can further share it with their friends and groups by copying the link and forwarding it.

At present Facebook doesn’t have any file sharing mechanism and images or videos are uploaded on the walls of users which can then be viewed by those who are permitted to view them. Dropbox had previously allowed Facebook users to share files but the two platforms were not integrated.

At present Dropbox is offering about 2GB free storage but more storage can be either purchased for fees starting at $9.99 or can be obtained by referring friends to use the service.

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