Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Pages Are More Effective Than Company Websites – Claims Lab42

A Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) page can cover the needs of a website. A recent survey by Lab42, a market-research company found that 50% of the 1000 social media users, who were involved in a poll, believe that Facebook pages are more useful than company websites. 82% people feel that pages are ideal places to interact with brands.

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Brands must, however, be sensible about their posts. 48% respondents have ‘unliked’ pages that posts too frequently.

Lab42 has also found out that the top three ways in which people interact with Facebook pages are -  
      Printing/ redeeming discounts and coupons,   Liking/ commenting and     Learning about new products and services.

Apart from posting too frequently, other reasons for people opting out of pages include bad customer experiences and stopping to like a brand. It is no secret that people are always trying to save money. However, 77% respondents have done so as a result of liking brand names on Facebook. 66% have saved $20 and more in the last 12 months while 17% have saved over $100. 35% respondents believe that brands were more responsive to their queries on Facebook than anywhere else.

CEo of Lab42, Gauri Sharma said that a common social media goal for firms is to increase their number of Facebook ‘likes’. The study has revealed that firms have devoted ample time, marketing resources and money in order to answer the most important question of all time. What is the worth of a Facebook ‘like’? instead of guessing, Lab42 decided to dive in straight to the source and ask customers about their habits and opinions regarding ‘liking’ pages on Facebook.

A Facebook page is a customizable space for an organization, public personality or a product. Through a Facebook page, one can join the conversation with people, who are active on Facebook.

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  1. I had a peak of 6600 friends, and likes a-plenty. Bottom line: FaceBook is NOT the internet.
    If you have something to sell, all you're doing on FB is risking being part of the coming Spam wave.
    Whether you purchase FB's ad service or not, they're going to make use of your account, and expose you in the process.
    It's a game of diminishing returns on FB, because people are there to play, and you're asking them to buy.
    FB makes a good customer relation tool, IF it's managed strictly. However, the risks I see coming down the road warranted that I take my over 6,000 pictures and leave, ASAP.


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