Friday, September 28, 2012

Maps War: Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Goes Gung-ho with Navteq - Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

All the fuss being created over Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) Maps being banished from Apple iOS6 and the terrible experiences with its replacement, Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) Maps, has brought to the fore the importance of navigational technologies.

Finnish handset maker Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK), which bought mapping company Navteq for $8.1 billion in 2007, has announced a number of new initiatives with the service.

It has got into various tie-ups with different companies for the use of its navigation systems. It has signed deals with BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Hyundai for providing these services in their cars as a navigation device.

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It has also entered into agreements with in-car device makers such as Pioneer and personal navigation device maker Garmin.

The debacle with Apple Maps has made handset makers suddenly realise the importance of a navigation service, which was, so far merely an accessory or an add-on.

This also accounts for the fact that though Nokia acquired Navteq in 2007, it has not really utilised the expertise of that company to its fullest. At the time of the purchase, Nokia had said that it would herald a new era for the company n location services.

Apple's reason for replacing Google Maps with its own service is only partly to do with Google. The company obviously realises the huge potential that this area offers, especially with people becoming more mobile and travelling more and connectivity being more of an obsession than ever.


  1. do i have to change my car ... don't want anything from nokia - BMW made a mistake!

  2. Until they fire Elop and Microsoft.

    Then I will think about them again!

  3. That is why Steve Job = Apple. He would have never allowed this. Navteq/Nokia does have the best Maps.

    It's not like the lemmings need maps to find the Apple stores.

  4. Why do people buy smartphones? Maps are ALWAYS one of the most important features! And normal companies knew that before the Apple's debacle. Apple just screwed up, because it's a rotten fruit nowadays and things will go only worse.

  5. Elop. Arrogance does not sell. Pricing pricing pricing will. Timing was yesterday. Wake up.

  6. Why would anyone put down a company that produced a superior product... NOK did a great job... no wonder they chose to post anonymous


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