Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) new Lumia devices: Wireless charging a key feature?

Hours before Nokia Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) and Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) make a Windows Phone 8 announcement at an event in New York, rumors are flying thick and fast about the possible features of the new devices.

According to news leaks, one of the phones will be the high end Nokia Lumia 920. This will replace the Nokia Lumia 900. The new phone will be Nokia’s flagship Windows phone with some really impressive features.  Sources have revealed that this phone will provide for wireless charging.  An inductive method will support this feature, wherein the device will be lined up to the contacts on a charge pad.  Not only that, they also say that since this will follow the Qi wireless power standard, it will be compatible with other products that charge wirelessly.

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This apart, the new phone will have a device storage capacity of 32 GB, RAM of 1 GB and a 1.5 GHz dual core processor.  This phone will also supposedly have a  4.5 inch HD display. Speculation is rife that it will also include a PureView camera of 8 megapixel. 

Lumia 820 will be Nokia’s mid to high end Windows phone and will have many of Lumia 920’s features.  Although this phone also allows users to charge wirelessly on a specially designed pad, the phone buyers will have to purchase a cover to enable this feature.  One can also change the phone’s prior covers just like the Lumia 710.

The phone will include 2 GB storage, but will also have a microSD slot to enhance this further.  Like the Lumia 920, the 820 will have 1 GB RAM and a 1.5 GHz dual core processor.  The camera is also supposedly similar to the other phone, but it is not clear whether it will be branded as PureView.
While both these devices can be viewed on Wednesday, they will be available on store shelves only in October or November.

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