Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Preview- Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone is going to be catchy enough to be a real crowd puller

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone is coming with 4G compatibility with bigger screen facility and its going to pull viewers’ attention for sure. Despite fierce competition in market Apple Inc. is expecting good sales prospect as this new iPhone has emerged out with brand power of Apple Inc within its sleek figure. 
After 5 years with the new iPhone Apple has not taken any chance with its acceptability in market: the bigger screen and ultra fast wireless network support is the USP of this new Apple child, and it is expected that this new Apple member will be compatible to 4G as well. However, it still may have some more to unveil…present CEO Tim Cook has not revealed anything about the exceptionality of this phone yet.

The new launched Apple 5 iPhone has already created a sensation in market despite the existence of hit and well clicked phones in market like Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, etc. However as Apple phones are known for their best quality integration of hardware and software therefore the Apple child will surely get an advantage over popular Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Pureview and Lumia. However Apple’s phone is expected to be the icon for Apple’s stock value as well as for Apple customers. On the other hand after Steve Jobs, the investors are keen to watch if Apple could have retained its magic on phone.

Although a few tech experts have anticipated that the upcoming iPhone is to create a sea change in technology related to Smartphone hardware, Wall Street is still guessing that Apple will sell 10 to 12 million  iphones during September.

Besides a bigger screen, the latest iPhone will be available with a 19-pin connector port, as Ap[ple representative had disclosed facts to Reuters in July.

Apple's selling strategy against Android is based on a slim hardware design, flat content integration amid different Apple plans, and larger accumulation of apps, music, games and other media, which cannot be transferable to competitor devices. 

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