Monday, September 24, 2012

QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) gives Vellamo a thorough makeover

The Vellamo benchmark suite is being given a good makeover by chip designers, QUALCOMM, Inc.(NASDAQ:QCOM) . Major updates are being added to make the benchmark better than it was before. The chip designers are going to lay more stress on HTML5 as well as Javascript and new tests as being held in order to make representations of like-like scenarios during usage scenes. Video-streaming tests are also being conducted, and Qualcomm is also going to provide support for Medfield processors by Intel.

The designers have managed to build a version for the Android on x86 through which smartphones which are based on the Intel Medfield processors can also be examined and tested.

The Vellamo benchmark suite has been developed into two distinct kinds, by Qualcomm. The first kind has been tentatively titled as HTML5 and will, like the name suggests, give importance to HTML5 along with Javascript. The other division of the benchmark suite is called Metal, and it is mainly a hardware-based benchmark, with Dhrystone and Linpack as its special features. Whatever kind it may be, though, the Vellamo benchmark suite is sure to provide for a very pleasant and enjoyable user interface.

The Inline video tests are also being conducted, which consists of the installation of web servers on the device, so that it can stream a file with artificial network latency, and it can replicate WiFi, 4G as well as 3G web connectivity modes. However, such tests, while they may bring about success, and while the video streaming idea may bring about drastic changes, the security concern remains in the minds of quite a few people.

The idea of a web server which will emulate a network brings about concerns regarding security. The need to install a web server does not seem to sit comfortable with many, and there is a degree of risk involved in such a venture, although for real-life concerns, the video streaming idea is a very good one.

The director of product management at Qualcomm, Sy Choudhury, addressed this issue in an interview to the INQUIRER, by trying to placate the issues over security. He said the only way to speak to Vellamo was through the SLL connection and certification.

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