Wednesday, September 5, 2012

StemCells, Inc.(NASDAQ:STEM) Pared Early Gains And Ended 1.40% Higher

Shares of StemCells, Inc.(NASDAQ:STEM) shares ended higher by 1.38% to $2.20, well off session high of $2.67, which was its new 52-week high.

The company reported positive result of spinal cord injury treatment by neural stem cells and that has suddenly increased the unit stock value of StemCells Inc. Extensive study and research on the benefits of stem cell preservation was going on since last few years and as per the latest report on the ongoing research the researchers has expressed satisfactory progress on stem cell therapy for treatment of many complicated physical injury.

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Now let’s take a look on the new research result, regarding stem cell related treatment. StemCells Inc has started running their clinical Trial lab at Switzerland and here the target patients were three numbers of patients who were victim of chest level spinal cord injuries. These patients had total numbness below the injury spot and totally unresponsive by medicine. Latest study is done neuro stem cell treatment therapy against complicated spinal cord injury. Not only this therapy has proved safe and efficient, it has received positive response form 2 patients out of three patients as these two patients have reported improved sensation after this therapy is applied.

The result has been presented before International Spinal Cord Society in London at the time of their annual meeting.

Let’s take a look on the enormous possibilities peeing out of this research and experiment.

Based on the study of Stem Cells Inc., The Newark Company of California, has started developing therapy planning for treatment of spinal cord injury for victims based on adult neuro stem cells. Stem Cells taken from liver are also being tasted for preclinical studies although the whole research is based on experiments and result based hypothesis.

Since July 17, the company has declared its positive research result on animal-model Alzheimer's disease its share price has almost doubled, which has created a strong focus in investors’ choice in stock market investment.

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