Monday, September 10, 2012

The Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Lumia 920’s Camera with its PureView technology Scores over Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)

The Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) 920 may not have been well received by investors and the tech community in general as lacking in the `wow' factor, but in one respect the phone does perform very well - in its photographing abilities.

The camera does live up to the hype of the PureView technology that the European company is pugging as the phone's USP.

Pocket-lint has reported on a test devised by Nokia at the launch event last Wednesday by comparing its camera with that of Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone 4S.

The test itself was simple as Pocket-lint reports: shoot a photograph of a vase of flowers with virtually no light on it (through a peep-hole) with the two phones and see which one is better. Basic and unscientific we know, but it gives us some idea of the capabilities of the new Pureview tech.

According to Pocket-lint: The Lumia 920, with the help of its image processing technology, some software manipulation in real time, and the super LCD screen captures the vase of flowers.

The iPhone does capture the flowers, but it is hard to see them and you would have to use image editing apps like Snapseed to improve it to a point where you could easily see what is going on.

Nokia told Pocket-lint that the Lumia 920 managed to do such a good job "because it automatically uses a slower shutter speed that lets in more light and therefore captures more exposure detail. That's the easy part, however opening the shutter longer allows for more movement or handshake, which normally results in blurry pictures."

What Nokia is claiming is that by floating the entire optical assembly in sync with the camera movement - this is Nokia's latest image stabilisation method - the shutter can remain open for longer than competitors' smartphones, and combined with the bright f/2.0 lens that means plenty of light can reach the sensor, Pocket-lint observed.

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