Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Can One Expect from the Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Launch

Closer to the launch date of the Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) Lumia smartphone running on Windows Phone 8 more details are emerging. There have been bits and pieces of data that have been floating around and tantalising glimpses of smartphones, a wireless charging pad, some speakers, and a few headphones in Nokia bright colours.

Nokia and Microsoft are holding the events on September 5, 9:30AM EST in New York Analysts and tech observers latched on to the information that it was a Lumia only when Nokia let slip in a challenge to Samsung that the Korean company should be “taking note”, because their “next generation Lumia” will be coming soon. So that is how the conclusions have been drawn.

The next piece of news that came out was that Verizon, America’s top network carrier, was partnering Nokia and would sell its smartphones as a bundled offering.

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After the Apple vs Samsung case in the USA had its first verdict, Nokia stock went up, its prospects looking brighter with Google’s Android also getting sucked into the battle, as Samsung’s largest partner.

According to SlashGear - have a peek at the Nokia Lumia wireless charging pad that appeared this morning and make sure you don’t mistake it for a mouse. That same post shows some wireless earbuds and a wireless charger for the earbuds as well – or it could be a holder for some Nokia thin minds too – we don’t know yet! This tip also includes a note that Nokia’s wireless charging will be working with the Qi system so you won’t need to use the Nokia puck if you don’t want to.

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Another device that’s been leaked is the Nokia Lumia 820 Arrow, this device being a mid-range device with much of the same lovely software enhancement suite that comes with Windows Phone 8 on the Lumia lineup. Here you’ll likely be seeing a much more affordable version of the hero devices also coming up this week. Like the rest of the line, this phone appears to have a flat front screen, SlashGear says.

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