Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zagg Inc(NASDAQ:ZAGG) share value is going up credit goes to wild demand for iPhone 5

Zagg Inc(NASDAQ:ZAGG), is mostly known for making quality accessories for tablets and cell phones and its shares all on a sudden went high up as the launching date for apple iPhone 5 is coming nearby and as it is expected that Apple iphone will have tremendous sales prospect. It’s naturally anticipated that the accessories for iPhone 5 will be showing in great demand.

 The spark-where there is spark there is a fire. Here the Exotic look of Apple i5 is the main USP for the wild demand of the phone. The main features are

·         A thin shape and light weight
·         Bigger 4 inch screen
·         Smaller power connector
·         Quality case for the phone
·         New accessories have been launched

Here this point has a real trump card for the company Zaggs Inc. and this is the reason the company has attracted the focus of the wall street as well as of investors. The iPhone 5 will be available for sale in the countries like  U.S., Japan, Britain, Germany, France and four other countries from 21st September 2012 and there will be a natural demand for accessories. .

According to market experts Zagg and iFrogz branded iPhone cases and protective skins are already available online and after the gala launching people will be eager to purchase these two accessories in order to keep the iPhone 5 in showroom condition. The market reviewers have praised Zagg for its quick support for launching accessories and are expecting that Zagg accessories and iPhone 5 will be complementary to each other.

The business foresight has no doubt created a great impact on the Stock value of the concerned company. As on date stocks of Zagg Inc has reached at 5.8% high according to afternoon trading. Since last 52 weeks the stock value for Zagg Inc is ranging between $6.40 and $14.10 and today the graph has hit the highest point.

Let us wait and watch for the iPhone  Apple 5 launching and then next we will be after the movement of Zagg Inc hare value. 

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  1. The iphone 5 is on demand now but I'm sure that it's not that much because the did not add that much specs in the phone and also the Lumia and the Ativ S phone were release before it's being announced so both phones took a big market share from the iphone.
    But not the same thing happened for the accessories, since many manufacturer decided to work on the iPhone 5 skins once they figured out how it looks like.


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