Saturday, October 6, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Consumer Reports reviews iPhone 5 favourably

The faulty maps apart, Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s new iPhone 5 has found favour with Consumer Reports, a reviewer group.

Consumer Reports was the organisation that had severely criticised the defective antennas and dodgy reception of iPhone 4 when it was launched. It had also said at the time of the launch of the iPad 3 that the tablet PC generated too much heat.

The review group said that its tests had proved that the iPhone 5 was among the best smartphones in the market, though its mapping function fell far short in many respects.

"Despite the widespread criticism it has received, Apple's new Maps app... is competent enough, even if it falls short of what's available for free on many other phones," Consumer Reports reviewer Mike Gikas wrote on the group's website on Friday.

"As Apple has recently apologized and promised to fix these and other map glitches, we expect the Map app to improve in time," he wrote.

Shares in Apple closed down more than 2 percent at $652.59 on Friday, in a weak trading session.

Apple new iPhone does not have any big-bang or outstanding features or functions that have been a hallmark of most iPhones released in the past.

On the contrary, while it has sold in record numbers, reports quickly started coming in with users getting disillusioned with its new mapping software which was found to be of inferior standards often giving wrong directions, while important landmarks were not shown in their rightful locations.

Apple dumped Google Maps and replaced it with its own mapping software. 

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