Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Figuring Out Latest Rumors – When To Expect, What And Why

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPad mini is now the centre of attraction and a victim of fall rumors. Stakes are getting higher after Wall Street journal said in a report that the production is underway on the iPad mini and is slated to start sometime in September.

Watching Apple rumors is basically a lot of guesswork. However, a little credit also goes to pattern identification. Sources reveal that there is a rough timeline that follow in terms of how one can get information about upcoming devices. Placing iPad mini in that context, we get an idea of what to expect and when the device may arrive.

The Wall Street Journal is a strong source that offers a track record that is better than most of the sort when it comes to unveiling details about pre-production devices. The newspaper was the one that originally reported that Apple’s suppliers would be making preparations for September production start date for iPad mini back in July. Recent reports on AU Optronics and LG Display back that information up. WSJ has been performing spot-on since some time now. For an instance, it had said that the upcoming iPhone would be sleeker and would use an in-cell display tech sometime in July this year. The newspaper also reported that suppliers for the iPhone 5 screen would include Japan Display, Sharp, LG Display in August. It also got the right screen size info in May.

Despite impressive track record maintained by WSJ, the publication did not reveal much about the timelines in the recent report. This means that people will have to rely on other sources for launches taking place in October and November. The most recent of the lot is iMore. This follows Fortune’s Philip Elmer-Dewitt, who claims 10th October is the date on which invites are scheduled to go out to the press. 

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