Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Is Having So Many News, Here Is A Quick Recap

There's a lot going on about Apple and there are way too many reports about the company. Here are some snippets of news that should interest readers:

1. Apple supplier and Chinese manufacturing company Foxconn has admitted that it hires underage children to work in its factories. The company said that it hired interns as young as 14, while the legal age for working in China is 16. Earlier this year Apple, which sources a lot of its components from Asia, had contracted the Fair Labour Association to carry out an audit of its suppliers to check for illegal hiring practices and working conditions.

2. When Apple CEO Tim Cook apologies to owners of iPhones for the inferior quality mas that came with its new operating system, he recommended that they could download other maps including Waze. Using Cook's endorsement to its advantage, Waze is adding hundreds of users and is persuading its new users to stay on even as Google is working on its new map app for Apple’s iOS6.

3. According to 9to5 Mac - "A teardown of the iPhone 5′s Lightning dock connector reveals a set of mysterious chips inside. They could be related to security, or possibly for conserving power use."

4. AppleInsider reported that Apple will be setting up its EasyPay app — which can be used to make small purchases in Apple stores — to work with Passbook.


  1. First, it's scratch-prone, then it's always-lost, then it's missing a tonne of features promised/suggested-at, then the performance figures are manipulated to show that it's faster, and now it's made by children. Fantastic.
    Yet, all the Apple-addicted will still flock to stores and buy them. Sad.

  2. don't forget that it tracks users habits and sends to advertisers


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