Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shows some humility in the wake of widespread criticism

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) has humbled itself. or rather, has been made to show some humility after the amount of criticism their home-grown maps application generated, after the release of the iPhone5. Along with the release of the much talked about smartphone, came the new operating system, and its native mapping application. The iOS 6 Maps App has been criticized for its inaccuracy and its inefficiency. And Apple, has had no option, but to tone down their endorsement of the new application.

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In the official website, Apple has toned down the appreciation of the Maps app, by making the brilliance of the application a thing of the future. From calling it the most powerful application in terms of maps, they have gone toned it down to calling it an application which has the potential to deliver brilliant mapping service, with time.  The change has been made to the promotional website for the new operating system, the iOS 6, and was brought to everybody’s attention on Sunday, when CNet pointed it out. The website, however, has not been self-deprecating about the application. It still praises the new features such as the interactive 3D views, as well as the Flyover Imagery, along with the vector-based interface, and the hassle-free zooming and scaling.

On Friday, Tim Cook, the Apple Chief Executive, apologized to the customers through an open letter. He admitted to the faults of the new mapping application, and said that they were getting their best sources to set the maps right, and improve them in all ways possible.  And the apology was much required, because, despite the phenomenal opening which the iPhone5 received, the faults in the mapping application did not go unnoticed. Not just Apple fans, but also others who clamored to get their hands on the new smartphone, were disappointed by the performance of the application.  The flaws included poor routing, incorrect positioning of the data, missing names of roads and places, and the inaccurate, faulty rendering of Flyovers.
Many fans complained about the fact that the new application had replaced a more superior one, the Google Maps application. However, in order to placate hassled customers, Apple has given them the option to choose from 13 alternative mapping applications through an option in the App store. 


  1. Cook is better than Jobs (Jobs would have said something like "you're mapping it wrong", like he did with the antenna issues in the iPhone4).

    Doesn't change the fact that Apple's products have tonnes of flaws, nor that their cool factor will still sell them in droves (and at inflated prices) regardless of the problems.

  2. I would like to stick 4 iPhone5's deep into my shitter at the same time, and have Apple map their way around my asshole: yah, that will teach them!

    1. LOL

      Boris must be an Apple fanboy


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