Saturday, October 27, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to remove Java from the Macintosh operating systems

The newest updates of the Macintosh operating system will make sure that all the versions of Java be removed from the system. Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) made this announcement on Friday. Apple, on the official support site revealed that Java script will be removed from their native operating systems, since experts have recently discovered that the Java bugs help attackers infiltrate the security of the system and get information. This discovery was made in August, when the experts had conducted the experiment by launching attacks through the bugs found in Java. They were successful.

As soon as the news became widespread, and it was proven that Java bugs could indeed help breach security, Oracle fixed it, but the fixing took a lot of time, and the update released to remove or to deal with these bugs came many days after this information about the bugs. If customers want to avail of the services of Java, they can always approach oracle directly for help on this front.

Java is a very popular programming language because of its universal compatibility. Programmers rely heavily on the Java Script because the codes which they make through this script will run on any machine, and on any operating system. The content which the developers and programmers make can be viewed on multiple browsers, and Windows Mac, as well as Linux, all accepts the language, but it looks like Mac is slowly going to back off. Despite the fact that the Java script is enabled in almost all the devices such as the computers, the tablets, smartphones, and Blue Ray players, Apple will soon beg to differ. About nine million developers work for Oracle, and the Java Script, making it a huge community for the task of developing.

Apple wants to remove itself from the Java script, and this is not a sudden decision, even though the bugs in Java were reported recently. Almost two years ago, both the companies had known that Apple would be removing Java from its software base. In 2010, Apple had removed the use of Flash, on the grounds that it was a closed system, and because it was manned by the singular Adobe. 

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  1. Congrats, Mac users. Soon all you'll have left with your Mac is a pretty glossy screen with one icon on it.
    First Apple goes after Flash, then Java, resists other universal standards tooth and nail....fantastic company


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