Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Will Take a While to Fix its Map App

Hard core Apple loyalists will have to wait a while for Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) to fix its messed up mapping application.

A report in Technology Review says that it would take a long while for Apple to get up to speed and produce an application that is on par with that of Google Maps.

According to Technology Review - Apple’s current strategy of relying upon users to report mistakes simply cannot match the scale of the problems seen within the application.

It noted that “the millions of errant labels on points of interest like businesses… require new data sources and easier ways to contribute fixes, as well as enough willing map-fixers in geographically dispersed regions.”

Technology Review spoke to a wide range of mapping experts to arrive at its observations and conclusions.

Google has a vast army of about 7000 engineers who work on its mapping program and a lot of investments in terms of people and research and development go into the company's navigational aids.

It quoted Michael Dobson, the president of mapping consultancy TeleMapics - Apple won’t be able to fix all of these issues in a timely fashion unless it’s willing to significantly beef up its mapping staff and to invest in resources such a fleet of cars dedicated solely to mapping.

“Google has found a way to integrate active crowdsourcing on a level that Apple has not yet attempted,” Dobson told Technology Review. “I don’t believe Apple has more than a couple of hundred people working on this at this point… Apple may attempt it, but they certainly don’t have any system that allows this kind of wholesale crowdsourcing.”

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  1. not necessarily. Millions of errant points can be simply a glitch on the positioning algorithm. If this is the case, once correct, all points appear on the correct place.


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