Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) Maps Work Better Than Google Maps On Offline Mode

More reports are surfacing that say Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) Maps come with features that make it superior to Google Maps on iOS 6.

As stated by many, Apple Maps store more data for use when a user is offline. This proves to be a handy feature for a user when he is traveling abroad and does not wish to use up data package.

For example, maps of Sanit Malo in an iPhone 4S and in iPhone 5 are compared. There are differences in the amount of data stored. Studying Apple Maps version, restaurant, hotel and bar information were available, while Google Maps showed hotels but lesser.

Without any doubt, the most important thing in maps is road names. The Google Maps showed all the important road names but there were lots of empty roads. On the other hand, the Apple Maps version showed all the road names when zoomed in on an image.

In none of the cases was it possible to search for road names or routes when the WiFi was off. Nevertheless, with a little preparation, a user can drop pins on the locations that he plans on visiting.

Something really surprising about Apple Maps was that when Satellite view was chosen, the maps loaded, even when the phone was on flight mode. This does not happen in Google Maps. iOS 6 Maps also loads standard satellite pictures and major city labels for the overall globe. When a user swaps to the hybrid mode while being offline, Maps overlays its cached vector road paths and city names over higher quality satellite pictures that allow him to picture the Earth’s topography in useful detail.

Offline Maps is a fresh feature in Google’s Android Maps that was released this summer. It allows a user to manually select a region that he can save in the device. However, Google restricts this support to an area within 50 mile radius. 

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  1. I found the reverse. While traveling in Sydney, the Apple map app did not cache the maps I viewed while connected to the hotel free wifi. I started off on a walk, unlocked the iphone, only to fined I a blank background with the blue position pin.

    Having done this in the past with the google map app, the map would be cached.


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