Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Supercomputer leads to new servers in Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL)

Dell Inc.(NASDAQ:DELL)’s efforts to build a supercomputer has lead to the making of a new line of servers, which are said to be speedy, efficient, and made with cutting edge technology. The designs for the supercomputer, the 10-petaflop Stampede, were what lead to the making of the new servers. Dell will be deploying the servers early next year, to the University of Texas, in Austin.

The line of servers, collectively grouped under the name of the PowerEdge C8000 servers are enabled in such a way so as to be able to get equipped with graphic processors, or additional storage devices which will help with enhanced performance on tasks such as database tasks, could workloads, as well as computing operations which require a high level of performance. These servers have the standard Intel x86 CPUs to help carry on the abovementioned tasks.

Armando Acosta who is a product manager at Dell, said that the servers are very flexible, and that people using these servers can mix and match components such as memory, graphic processors, storage, and other components, to get the desired performance they want.

Out of the line of PowerEdge C8000 servers, the basic model happens to be the C8220 chassis, can be enabled with as many as eight blade servers, and each of these, in turn, can contain two CPUs with a limit of sixteen processing cores. Apart from the two internal hard drives, the server will also have additional networking facilities as well as storage facilities, such as the C8000XD storage box if one needs SSD options or an expandable hard drive.

A more advanced model in the line is the C8220X. Apart from having more RAM as well as more storage space, it can also be equipped with graphic processors, if required. The whole line-up of the new servers though, is mainly meant for highly parallel work of computing. While the price if the C8220 starts at $35,000, the C8220X can be bought for $42,000 and the storage box can be bought for $25,000.

The supercomputer, in its part, will be enabled with thousands of servers from this line. It will have very cutting edge functions. 

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