Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stocks In Focus: Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) & Domino's Pizza, Inc. (NYSE:DPZ)

Ford Motor Company(NYSE:F) is recalling more than 154,000 Fiesta subcompacts from the 2011 to 2013 model years in order to make changes in side air bag system.

Cars built in Mexico from Nov. 3, 2009 to Sept. 21, 2012 are suffering with a problem where the side bag won't inflate to protect rear-seat passengers in some crashes if the front seat is empty.

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Stating in a document filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Ford meets the federal safety standards, “but the right rear seating position may not have coverage of the side air curtain in certain crashes.” 

Assuring to do the repair in free, Ford further assures of dealers, who will reprogram the computer controlling the side air bag which will inflate whether the front seat is empty or not.

Shares of Domino's Pizza, Inc.(NYSE:DPZ) rose 7.64% to $41.16 in Tuesday’s session. With a rise of 18% in the third quarter profit it beat the Wall Street expectation.

Hard work being paid with improvement in sales in the U.S and overseas, as the pizza chain expanded its operation internationally and opened 121 stores in the quarter. Surpassing the 10,000 store count in the quarter was the chain.

Further new marketing schemes were improvised; the recent pan pizza version and it even reformulated its basic recipe and offered special limited-time pizzas.

Dominos reported an increase in earnings by 8 cents at 44 cents per share or $3.9 million at $26 million for the quarter in comparison to that of last quarter. Further revenue increased by $1.8 or 1 percent to $378.1 million.

This beat the $376.4 million that Wall Street forecast. A 2% fall in cost of sales in the quarter was reported.
Same-store sales in the United States rose 3.3%, while international same-store sales grew by 5%.

“Our system’s ability to repeat and maintain strong results, coupled with our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, gives us confidence that we have lots of runway for growth in the years to come,” 
quoted J. Patrick Doyle, Domino’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

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