Monday, October 1, 2012

General Motors (NYSE:GM) and Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), to come together to economize on fuel

The fuel deficiency and the ever-decreasing amounts of fuel reserves is no longer a vague fact which is cited now and then. The countries are feeling the brunt of the lack of fuels, and how practically it could affect them, and essentially, could lead to a downward spiral of technology and growth, thereafter.

This is what has lead General Motors, perhaps the best automaker in the U.S, and their close second, Ford, to come together, to find new ways to economize on fuel, by developing cars with economical usage of the depleting, non-renewable resource. The news of the two companies coming together to develop cars which are in sync with fuel economy, was reported by Automotive News on Friday.

General Motors is to take the lead in designing a nine-speed gearbox for front-wheel drive vehicles. At least this is what reliable sources have been saying. The responsibility of Ford, however, is to develop 10 speed transmission for rear-wheel drive vehicles. Such models include SUVs, performance cars, as well as pick-ups.

Although the two companies themselves have not reported the news, Automotive News seems to be pretty confident about the information as well as the sources from which the information was derived. The country has automobile makers rushing to catch up with fuel economy by 2025, when, the CAFE, or the Corporate Average Fuel Economy will be imposed upon them by the government. This will become a standard mandate for all automakers by 2025. The Corporate Average Fuel Economy will stand to increase mileage with lesser fuel, which will be restricted to 54.5 miles per gallon.

This rate is higher by seventy percent than the mileage offered by the models made in 2011, which holds the average fuel economy of 22.8 mpg. The mandate according to CAFE, which will be imposed in 2025, will literally mean 39 mpg in real world driving.

However, it looks like two of the country’s best automakers are not going to waste any time in coming up with fuel-efficient models, as fast as possible. After all, they have to stay atop of the game.

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