Friday, October 5, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Private Message Increases Privacy Concerns

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) says that it is not leaking private messages exchanged among its users. However, there are people, who are not convinced, even after the company has conducted its own investigations and publicly reassured its users.

Facebook has mentioned in a statement to AAP that a number of members have issued concerns regarding what they believe to be private messages appearing on their timeline. Facebook has claimed that its own investigations have revealed that the so-called ‘private messages’ were actually public wall posts.

Facebook would not be the first firm to be ignorant or lie of a privacy violation if the accusations are true. Australian Privacy Commissioner is also working with Facebook to ascertain whether there really is anything to worry about.

The Privacy Commissioner has issued a statement saying that it has not found any evidence off private messages being leaked out. It said it will keep on monitoring this matter and if people believe that they have proofs demonstrating that private messages are appearing on their Timelines, they must send these to Facebook.

If people do not trust the Australian Commissioner, then there is the French one. Even the Canada’s Privacy Commissioner is monitoring the issue. There has been no evidence so far.

These privacy glitches are the things that warn users about posting private information online and establish initiatives like privacy awareness week.

It is true that Facebook has some glitches. An average user of Facebook, one needs to take considerable pain in assuring that enough privacy is maintained while posting on Facebook. Many people have run into a number of issues that do not hold Facebook in a very good light.

While lessons that a number of privacy advocates have been spurting are beneficial, they are not reaching out to people, who think they understand privacy settings. 

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